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Thank you for watching The Surface!

We'll be back next Monday, March 8th for "Going Viral," a look at SDSCPA students who have mastered social media while we have been online learning!

This series is developed and hosted by SDSCPA students with an inherently youthful lens.  We look forward to seeing where this new series will take us, and hope you will too!

The Surface can be viewed on scheduled Mondays at 5pm.

Any additional information or announcements regarding The Surface or participation in the program will be made available here.


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Friends of SCPA (FOSCPA), a charitable nonprofit organization, is the "Foundation" that supports arts as well as academics for all students at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts.

The San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts is an audition-only dedicated arts magnet school in San DiegoCA.

SDSCPA is a tuition-free, Title 1 public school for grades 6 - 12 in the San Diego Unified School District. 

All students living in San Diego County interested in attending are welcome to audition.

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