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Student Performance Opportunities



Students are evaluated on the concepts and techniques learned in class by a jury panel of professionals who are knowledgeable and well versed in their artistic field of study.

Students are given comments and feedback based on the work presented to further encourage their growth, development and passion with integrity and in an open-minded manner. 

Student Showcases

Students display, demonstrate, show, or present their artistic growth in work through these performance opportunities.

Showcases are presented by grade level, culminating in a capstone Senior Project or Exhibition, depending on art focus.

Premiere Series.jpg

The Mainstage Season

Students are given the opportunity to audition for roles, parts, places, seats, or exhibition spots in our mainstage season concerts and shows.

These productions are cast and rehearsed after school hours, and highlight the pinnacle of SDSCPA talent with our current season theme in mind.

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